Order terms and conditions

This page provides details of the terms and conditions for ordering with us. It also explains our refund policy and when and how you will be billed.

Accepted payment methods:

For orders placed directly through our online store we can accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Paypal is also available. Bulk orders made in Japan can also be settled by furikomi. We do not accept cash on delivery or convenience store payment.


All items will be billed in Japanese Yen. If we show prices in a different currency, this should be viewed as advisory only and will be a conversion based on the JPY price. You will be billed in Japanese Yen.

Ordering, billing and shipping:

When you place your order, you will be given an estimated delivery date. If you have chosen to pay by Visa or Mastercard, we will not bill your card until the order has shipped. Because of how PayPal works, we must charge you immediately when you place the order.

We keep very small amounts of stock, but work closely with local printers to ensure the time between your order being placed and your goods arriving is as short as possible. We are currently working with printers in Japan and California.

Sometimes, it can take up to 10 business days for some products to be printed and ready to ship. We will update you by e-mail on the status of your order.

International orders may take significantly longer to arrive.

Orders may be fulfilled by any of our printing partners, including goods ordered for delivery in Japan being printed in the USA. Where possible, we will always use the closest printer to ensure speedy delivery. However, due to capicity and other logistical reasons, we might need to use a further away printing parter. The price you pay for the goods and the cost shipping of those goods will remain the same.

Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only. The goods may appear to be a slightly different colour when they arrive due to standard variations in materials and printing techniques.

Batch limited orders

Some of our products are marked and sold as “batch limited”. These products will only be shipped once the threshold for the batch is reached. On most products, that batch target will be 50 items.

If the product does not meet its batch target number of orders, then you will not be charged and you will not receive the product.

If you order using Visa or MasterCard, we will charge your card as soon as the batch target is reached.

 Due to how PayPal works, PayPal orders will be billed immediately. If the run does not meet its batch target, PayPal orders will be refunded.


If the item(s) ordered are in stock, you may cancel your order at any time before it is shipped. For items which have to be specially ordered, customised or printed, you may cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it. Batch limmited orders may be cancelled at any time before the batch target is reached.

Free Shipping Promotion

Our free shipping promotion applies to all orders with a value before discount of 5,400円 or higher. Standard shipping will be offered free of charge on all qualifying orders automatically. This offer does not apply to expedited shipping, which will continue to be charged at our standard rate.

This promotion is valid from 2018-12-28 until 2019-04-01 and applies to shipping worldwide.


Where goods are defective or damaged, we will provide full refund upon return of the goods. Returns are only possible for defective goods. If you need to arrange a return, please e-mail returns@gayagenda.jp or call 050-5809-8606.


Please read our privacy policy for more details.


Please read our security policy for more details.

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