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Privacy policy

We're not here to make money out of your personal information or to do anything even remotely naughty with it. Where we do ask for information from you, it'll only be used to fulfill an order. This page gives a bit more information on that.

Your store account

We need to know where we should deliver things you order and where we should address an invoice / receipt, so we ask you to provide this to us when you place an order. To make this process more simple for you in the future, you have the option to create an account which will store your order information for future use.

We can also optionally (and securely store) your payment information for future orders, allowing for "one click" checkout.

If you do not create an account with us, we will not store any of your personal information after your order has been fulfilled.

Paying for goods / services

We use a number of 3rd party providers to provide payment processing services. We will collect information at the time of payment from you only so we can process your order. Our current payment providers are Stripe and Paypal. Both are PCI DSS complimant payment processors and comply with the highest standards of privacy and security.

Unless you choose to allow us to save a payment profile with your account, we will not retain any of this information.

For some orders, our printing partner Printful handles order fulfillment for us. We will give them your delivery address so they can arrange shipping. We handle all billing and accounting. Your payment and bililng information is never shared with Printful.

Our mailing list

We use a third party service called Mailchimp to manage our mailing list and contact subscribers. When you give us your e-mail address (and optionally your name), this information will be stored by Mailchimp so we can contact you in the future.

Every e-mail we send has a clear unsubscribe link and you may do so at any time.

In all other cases

We absolutely will not share, sell, disclose, or other give your personal information to any third party except where described here. There may be times when we have to do this, such as when we've been asked by a court or equivalent legal agency, but that's it.