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Collaborate with Gay Agenda Japan

Do you run a gay bar or a club? There is a growing trend in Tokyo and the rest of the world for bars to offer their own original range of goods for sale to their customers. We are available to provide design and production services to your business to help you take advantage of this latest trend.

Starting with a collaboration, “You x Gay Agenda”, we can design co-branded shirts which capture the essence of your bar and its customers, tastefully presented with our instantly recognizable brand and style.

“You x Gay Agenda” collaborations are also available for sale on our busy online store, giving your business access to our worldwide customer base.

For “You x Gay Agenda” collaborations, all stock for sale in Japan will be printed and packaged domestically. We are able to offer limited runs for collaboration shirts from as few as 30 items.

Sizes available are XS - 2XL. Larger sizes are possible, with a limited range of colors, with an extra price per item. All of our shirts are 100% cotton and are pre-shrunk, so they will keep their shape even after many washes.

For customers who want a more bespoke or white-label approach, we can take your design direction and create and manufacture solo branded “Your Label” items, produce them, and deliver to your location for you to handle all sales.

We offer flexible manufacturing and delivery terms, from small production runs, to creating enough shirts to stock a store.

In addition to shirts, we can also provide accessories such as baseball caps, beanies, key rings, and fans.

An example of the "You x Gay Agenda" pricing

For goods sold in your store:

Item Price: ¥3,000
Revenue share to you: 1,950円 (65%)
Revenue share to Gay Agenda: 1,050円 (35%)

For goods sold in our online store:

Item Price: ¥2,700
Revenue share to you: 1,350円 (50%)
Revenue share to Gay Agenda: 1,350円 (50%)

Sell Gay Agenda products in your store

If you would prefer to stock our popular shirts in your own store, we can provide our most popular designs in sizes S, M and L with other sizes available on demand. Volume pricing is available from 100 items or more.

Products can be provided on consignment basis for qualifying businesses, with no minimum sales requirement.