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Webhosting Service is now Available

Webhosting Service is now Available

Our mentioned web-hosting service is now available for limited testing with some customers. If you run a bar, club, or store that has an LGBT customer base - please consider trying us out! Our web-hosting service is part of a new product we are releasing which will help you manage your website, social media, online store, and bar, all in one place.

If you are located in Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya specifically, we can also validate your COVID-19 safety ranking automatically (thanks to government open-data) to further improve the confidence potential customers will have when visiting your business.

Using smart AI technology and our long industry experience in SEO and Social Media, we hope you’ll be able to enjoy a busy website and more customers coming to your business!

Our overall aim and goal is to help all businesses who are recovering from the Coronavirus situation return to normal as safely and quickly as possible.

The initial test is limited to people who apply directly by e-mail to [email protected] - please feel free to e-mail us in either Japanese or English.

Testing out our service all be free of charge for any testers.