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Spring Update - We're optimistic that things will improve in 2022!

Spring Update - We're optimistic that things will improve in 2022!

We share in the relief of everyone that we have made it through to Spring 2022. Nobody expected the sudden surge of Omicron and the toll it would take on families, friends, and businesses over the winter.

We’re optimistic that things will improve in 2022.

Our plans for popup stores over the winter, unfortunately, had to be cancelled. We are re-targeting a launch window for our popup stores in late spring, when restrictions ease and the current pandemic situation starts to resolve.

Our winter collection release did not happen, although we will be introducing summer clothes soon, featuring some of our most popular designs.

Some of you may have noticed our product listings have “points” associated with them now. If you sign up for a Gay Agenda Account, you will be able to collect points on purchases and use them as part payment for future goods.

We’ll share the full details of our points program with you soon in a separate update.

We will also be making a stronger push to share our professional services, specifically related to information technology.

These days, it’s very important to make sure that your business has a strong online presence. This will help bring you new customers, and more fully engage with your current, established clientele.

It’s especially difficult for smaller businesses to have a good presence online, as they often lack the resources that larger brands do.

Here at Gay Agenda, we will offer free and paid web hosting options to our customers, with plans and features suitable for all budget levels and business types.

As a provider dedicated to this particular market segment, we are able to design and target high-impact websites and deliver excellent social media / SNS integration. As a gay owned and run business, we understand the social needs of our community. We are also industry experts too; our systems and engineering team has been building software for over 18 years.

All of our hosting options will be free-to-try for 14 days, with no risk and no payment card required.

We’re looking forward to helping more businesses get online, or improve their existing online presence. We will also be specifically releasing tools later this year to help bars and clubs and hopefully encourage a strong recovery when the pandemic situation is resolved.

There will be a separate blog post in the coming weeks with more details about our web-hosting packages. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us on Facebook or Twitter, or by using the Messenger Chat on the website.

2022 is going to be an exciting year here at Gay Agenda, and we hope to share it with you!