About Gay Agenda

Here at Gay Agenda, we design our clothing and accessories in the heart of Tokyo’s vibrant Gay Scene, Shinjuku Nichome.

Our mission is to design fun, and sometimes silly clothing, that captures the essence of what it’s like to be gay in Japan. We take the questions you always get asked, pop culture, and anything we see around and like, and build something unique and fun.

You’ll often see someone from our team sketching new ideas on his iPad while having a beer at one of the almost 500 bars that make up the neighbourhood (but most probably at Aiiro Cafe), or while chilling out in Shinjuku Gyoen.

If you want to celebrate the neighbourhood of Shinjuku Nichome, maybe the "Nakadori" shirt is the one for you. Or perhaps you like video games and slightly naughty jokes, maybe give "Invaders" a try.

We also make great hats, with simplified designs based on our t-shirts. Some of our snapback hats have space to put one of our growing collection of Lapel Pins (including the limited edition pin for Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018).

Get to know us

We love meeting new people, both in real life and on social media. Feel free to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Line, and Instagram. We're able to answer your questions in English and in Japanese.

Our Twitter account and Facebook page are both great places to find out about new discount codes, product launches, and upcoming pop-up store events.

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